Savour Muskoka

3 Year Strategic Plan

SAVOUR Muskoka's new 3 Year Strategic Plan is off and running with an exciting focus that nurtures every level of what our organization has become and where it is going.

SAVOUR muskoka was established 8 years ago with Culinary Tourism Development it major focus area. With this came fantastic events highlighting and showcasing Muskoka’s top chefs and increasing public awareness surrounding "food that has a story". The development of a strong local foods production initiative was born from this, building awareness and appreciation throughout the region and with our many visitors. 8 years later SAVOUR Muskoka is the regions leader and driving force in assisting with the increasing local production capacity, networking chefs with those producers and increasing awareness with our Farm Workshop Education and Outreach Series. SAVOUR’s Board of Directors and its member chefs and producers have never lost sight that a strengthening Regional Culinary Tourism Industry remains a powerful objective and goal within the organization but also recognizes that growth in this sector will see greatest success with productive farmer/chef alliances and support.

SAVOUR Muskoka continues to assist in developing ways for new farmers to access arable land in Muskoka/Parry Sound; in turn, helping increase local production. We continue to create exciting signature events like Tap the Sap~ a local maple syrup infused evening of culinary, syrupy surprises in March and our acclaimed Field to Fork Local Food & Drink Celebration held each summer on a different farm in the region. The education and outreach component within the organization will also assist in cultivating a growing appreciation for all things local hence creating a better way of life for all in our surrounding communities and beyond.

This is a movement that has been spearheaded by those who know food intimately, our regions chefs and farmers, and has grown into a movement that encompasses chefs, farmers, micro-processors, consumers, visitors, accommodation providers and retailers. SAVOUR Muskoka supports all of these “spokes” in the wheel and has created a “food hub” in the regions of Muskoka & Parry Sound that continues to grow and flourish.

SAVOUR Muskoka's 3Year Plan was developed by Breakout! Coaching and Consulting, in collaboration with our 18 member Strategic Planning Committee. 

To view our Full length Strategic Plan, click here.