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Muskoka Food and Agriculture Charter

Update August 2013
The Request for Quotes for the charter survey and key informant interviews has been posted. 
It can be found at this link:

SAVOUR Muskoka, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, the District of Muskoka and several recognized community-based groups and citizens have embarked on a project to develop a Food & Agriculture Charter unique to Muskoka.

Our Food and Agriculture Charter will be a document that is created by an inclusive and collective community of people, Industry and Government stakeholders, youth and leaders representing various sectors. This document will reflect the values and beliefs of this diverse cross-section of participants, in other words, our community,  regarding  our regional Food System. It will embody the collective vision of the top priorities regarding the protection, growth, access and quality of OUR Muskoka Food System.

Once developed, a Food and Agriculture Charter can be used as a guide for community leaders, policy-makers, businesses, Regional Institutions such as schools, hospitals, prisons and seniors homes to make substantiated and well-researched decisions in regards to food procurement, safety, quality, access, food-based education and economic development.  

In order for us to fulfil this initiative, we hosted a series of community consultations in the Spring of 2013 across Muskoka, from Huntsville to Gravenhurst, Georgian Bay to Rosseau. We will also be launching an online survey to further our research and study as an in-depth analysis of your views.

We encourage you to check out our Kitchen Table Talks question & discussion guide which is intended to enable you, your family and community to get together, share food and initiate discussion surrounding the critical topic of Muskoka's Food Security and System. Please record (take notes) the topics discussed, indicate how many people attended, and where they are from. We do not require specific names, just details that will back our resulting document. We thank you and look forward to hearing what you have to say. 

To learn more about Food Charters, Food Systems and Food Security in General and as it relates specifically to Muskoka, simply visit our Resources and join The Muskoka Food & Agriculture Facebook Page.

The Food and Agriculture Charter Steering Committee meets regularly. Check out what they've been up to.