Savour Muskoka

Ali Hunter Cuisine

Owner/Caterer~ Ali Hunter

Ali Hunter Cuisine is a full service catering business focused on quality and exceeding your expectations while using locally grown product.

Ali Hunter Cuisine will cater to your needs from start to finish whether it be a private dinner, cocktail party, barbeque, dock side lunch or any celebration. We also offer cooking lessons for those who want to find their inner chef and explore new menus and dishes to share with friends and family.

Ali Hunter Cuisine will have you on the right track with nutritional menu planning for those who take pride in their health and making the right nutritional choices. We will help you with menu planning and grocery shopping for the most nutritious and healthy ingredients and provide knowledge and information as to what will best benefit you.

Place an order with Ali Hunter Cuisine, choose from our selection of soups, lasagna’s, ravioli, quiche and our favorite dips and spreads.

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